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Field Notes and Observations - abaxrpg

Jan. 10th, 2012 | 10:33 pm


Helpful, has information, valuable asset? Potential networking and information exchange in the future.

Alternate Rufus, current head of ShinRa and boss of the Turks. Tread with caution: changes unknown

Mutual help, runs a diner. Possible area of information among others? Must look into this.

Reckless, a pervert, talks way too much.

Curious skill set (maps and sketches), seems to know his way around the city. Possibly someone to watch.

Engineer, weapons builder. Possibly someone to watch.

Interesting methodology, views on information. Follow up?

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Permissions for Abax

Dec. 20th, 2011 | 12:10 pm

Backtagging: Always and forever.
Threadjacking: Depends on the situation. If it's appropriate, go for it, but I'd rather get asked first.
Timezone: CST
Preferred Method(s) of Contact: AIM: vagabondwoof Plurk: lightcycle
Prose/Action Spam/Depends/IDEK: Don't care
Fourthwalling: Just don't fourthwall too hard ;;
Killing/Injury: Yes to both... I think. IF THINGS CHANGE I WILL LET YOU KNOW
Comfort Levels: Cissnei is not much on physical contact unless she really trusts you and even then, it's minimal. If you want to touch her to annoy her or get her mad, that's fine by me, but you have been warned
Personal HMD: N/A
Personal In-Depth Permissions: TBA

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Dec. 20th, 2011 | 12:04 pm


All questions, comments, and concerns involving my interpretation of Cissnei should be directed here. All comments are screened. If you're here to criticize as opposed to critique, you will be ignored.
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application for abax

Dec. 13th, 2011 | 03:36 pm

Not my real name.Collapse )

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application for insurrectiony

Nov. 24th, 2011 | 03:49 pm

Wings symbolize freedonCollapse )

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Headcanon details

Oct. 1st, 2010 | 12:51 pm

- Her real name is Eva Stronghold.
- DOB: January 14
- She can be a real downer sometimes.
- Cissnei worries more than any normal person should. It keeps her up at night sometimes.
- She's got a bit of a rebellious streak, but she'll never openly show it.
- She's also quite sassy and sarcastic, given the right circumstances.
- Post Crisis Core, Cissnei leaves the Turks and starts using her real name.
- She becomes an independent PI, with her apartment doubling as her office and she's good at it too, naturally.
- Sometimes, she'll go looking for trouble, just because she can and likes the rush of fighting and violence.
- She knows enough about the active Turks, but refuses to look more into their files and information. Even if she's not a formal Turk, she wouldn't want to intrude and break their trust.
- That being said, she doesn't have very much contact with the Turks either. She fell off the grid and she's not sure if likes it that way.
- The reason she was picked up by ShinRa and the Turks at the orphanage was because she picked on quite a bit due to her tiny size. Surprisingly by the others at the orphanage, not only was she smarter, she was a better fighter too and won often.
- Her comfort food is cookies and milk. It stems from when she was the orphanage. She would sneak off at night into the kitchens and eat them by herself when she couldn't sleep or was just having a tough time being picked on. One of the caretakers, a younger woman, knew about this and would sometimes eat with her and tell her of what's happened.
- She was put into the orphanage around the age of 4. Her parents died and either her relatives were dead or unknown to her, therefore no one could claim her.
- Now that Reno has become such a positive influence on her, she's become a little more sassier and a little cockier. Cissnei's a little more comfortable with being just a little bit more open now.
- Later on, she gets a tattoo on her right shoulder blade of three snowflakes which form the shape of a triangle with the angles in the center.
- The forms of art she likes and admires are dance because it's also a sport and good for exercise and architecture out of the obvious practicality and engineering that goes into building something. All other forms of art are useless and boring to her.
- She is a skilled dancer in tango, salsa, ballet and belly dancing.

will add as I come up with more

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